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Website redesign for Cinedata, a US based Production Company founded on sharing stories celebrating science and tech.




3 Weeks


Desktop and Mobile Website on Wix, Brand Refresh


Figma, Adobe Illustrator

About Cinedata


Cinedata was founded in Santa Barbara in 2010 by James Darling and Patrick Terry. Cinedata is a production company founded on using cinema to collect and share data. They specialize in technology and science. 


Cinedata's current website does not clearly show who they are, what their services are, and what they have accomplished.


Redesign Cinedata to better convey their identity, services, and past work to improve their brand image.

Previous Website


Below are the 5 pages of the clients previous website. 

Prevoius Cinedata Website-01.jpg
Prevoius Cinedata Website-03-01.jpg
Prevoius Cinedata Website-04-01.jpg
Prevoius Cinedata Website-05.jpg
Prevoius Cinedata Website-02-01.jpg

User Research and Key Insights


I researched production company websites and sorted through all of Cinedata's information. I concluded the following:

Cinadata's services and specialities are not clearly stated on the home page.
The current website is static. Current trends show some movement and/or animation creates a more engaging website experience.
Individual and Company accomplishments were mixed together, making it unclear who worked on what project.

Move information about services and specialities to the home page for users to see. Additionally, add a clear statement of what Cinedata is.

Add subtle animation and autoplay all videos with no sound. 

Clean up the logo wall and videos so only company work is shown, not personal work.



Based off Cinedata's goals and my research, I designed the wireframe below. My goal was to take the user on an informational journey educating them about Cinedata while showing off their work. The website is hosted on Squarespace, which created some design limitations. 

CINEDATA_Wireframe 1 Screenshots-05.jpg

Final Website


After 2 rounds of reviews, some design changes, and a little custom coding, I built the website on Squarespace. Click below to see the final product.

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